ATLANT P2P Rental Service

Initial Booking


A family from London decided to spend a romantic weekend in Paris. After surfing all the major booking and apartment rental websites, they chose ATLANT. The family saved 25% on an apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower, in comparison to the rates from other booking sites.



Once the family arrived in Paris, they were accommodated in a cozy apartment with the view as promised.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


The family appreciated the high level of customer service, combined with the lower cost of ATLANT. They were also comforted by the guarantees provided by ATLANT for conflict resolution. ATLANT customers can always rely on arbiters to resolve issues related to their stay.

Definitive Resolution


In the event of any conflict that needs to be escalated past an arbiter, super-arbiters are available, and can resolve the toughest of situations. The objectivity and impartiality of ATLANT arbiters is guaranteed by their reputation score and their escrow deposit.

ATLANT Best Rentals, Lowest Rates

Current Status Quo


Booking companies maintain thousands of staff on standby to resolve conflict, which negatively impacts customer prices. On top of those costs, booking through credit cards versus crypto increases transaction costs. All of these costs combine to reach double-digit fees for customers.

ATLANT Better, Cheaper


ATLANT uses a decentralized platform of arbiters to resolve disputes which does not burden customers with higher costs, creating savings of 20-30% per stay with a higher level of service, in comparison to other P2P lodging options.

Improved Quality


Arbiters are paid per arbitration event and they are highly penalized for any incorrect judgements, thus making them extremely efficient, speedy and precise.

Better for All


The ATLANT P2P rental platform is a win-win for everyone involved. Both the tenant and the host save on fees, and the arbiters are rewarded in the event of a conflict. Also turnover, more rentals rented more easily, is increased because of lowered costs.



Quality of service and mitigation of problems is assured by refundable escrow deposits of 30% for both the tenant, the host and the arbiter. Funds remain in escrow until the transaction is finalized.

Honesty Encouraged


If either party does not comply with the terms of the rental agreement, they could lose the right to reclaim the security deposit. And the arbiter could lose their deposit in the event a conflict is resolved improperly.