How Does Tokenization Work?

The Owner of a Property Wants to Sell


He is having a hard time finding a buyer for the GoodMall Shopping Center. Nobody has given him a competitive offer, and those who are interested don't qualify for the required financing. And so, what are his options?

The owner puts in a request to list on the ATLANT Platform, and specifies an asking price of GoodMall at usd $25 million, along with other required information about the property. ATLANT verifies that the asset meets all requirements for listing.

Legal Verification


An attorney and/or other qualified authority in GoodMall's jurisdiction checks whether the real estate title is clean, checks for absence of debt, and validates other parameters specified by the owner.



GoodMall Holding, a special purpose vehicle (SPV), which is a specific type of corporation commonly used in commercial real estate, is founded in order to own the GoodMall property in its entirety.



ATLANT tokenizes GoodMall Holding, dividing the total value of the SPV into tokens, where 1 token = 1 mm2 , forming a direct relationship between the number of tokens and the total value of the property.



ATLANT places the Property Token Offering (PTO), the Goodmall token (GMT) on its trading platform. Individuals and businesses around the world can buy the tokens, acquiring fractional ownership in GoodMall Holding, owned by until the asset is fully funded (until all $25 million worth of the GMT tokens have been purchased).

Payment to Seller


$25 million or an equivalent in the cryptocurrency (as selected) is transferred to the former owner of GoodMall. Investors are then sent the number of GMT tokens they have purchased on the ATLANT platform.



The PTO tokens of GoodMall (GMT) start trading on the ATLANT DEX (decentralized exchange) which is a secondary market for GoodMall tokens, and anybody can buy or sell even a smallest part of this Shopping Center, by buying or selling whatever number of GMT tokens they desire.

Rental Income & Growth


People who bought GMT tokens are able to obtain profit from GoodMall rental income, in proportion to the number of tokens they own, as well as monetize changes in token prices, which reflect increases in the price of the GoodMall property over time.